Barcode bazar is leading supplier and distributor of Ferrule printer. We deal in all type of ferrule Printer and its consumables like ribbon , tubes and tapes. We are distributor supplier for cannon ferrule printers and letatwin Ferrule printer. Canons have two models of Ferrule printer one is MK1500 and other one is MK2500. Letatwin have two models of Ferrule printer one is LM390A and other one is LM 380E. Following the step of installing Ferrule printer:

Step 1 : Check that the power switch on machine is turned off

Step 2 : Attach the AC adapter

Step 3 : Open the Cover  : move the lever (at the top of the keyboard) to the left and open the cover

Step 4 : Install the ribbon cassette : push cassette in until  its clicks into the place

Step 5 : Install the tube attachment : Align the hooks on the tube attachment with the holes in the printer

Push the tube attachment in until  its clicks into the place

Step 6 : Insert s tube : Push the tube in until its tip touches transport roller 2.

Step 7 : Close the cover : Close the cover completely so that its clicks shut

Step 8 : Turn on the power switch : Character input display appears after displaying the ribbon cassette


Step 9   : Input your text

Step 10 : Press printing option select  Tube

Step 11 : Press enter : make sure that “2:3.0” mm Is selected

Step 12 : Press enter : select  no of print

Step 13 : Press enter : confirm that the leading end of the tube is fully inserted

Step 14 : Press enter :Take Out The Cut Tube


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