Barcode Bazar presenting Fargo Cleaning kit for all type of Fargo printer like Fargo50, Fargo 1250e, Fargo DTC 1000Me,DTC 4500E and Fargo DTC4250e. As  FARGO authorized dealer Barcode Bazar present FARGO ID card printer cleaning kit. It is important to maintain card printer for its quality printing As with any electronic device, internal components of the printer, such as the print head, may be damaged if exposed to static electrical discharges. To avoid potential damage, always wear an appropriate personal grounding device, such as a wrist strap (with integral resistor) connected to an ESD ground. This Cleaning Kit provides you with the specialized cleaning supplies and the required cleaning procedures for you to maintain your card printer/encoder. Barcode Bazar provides full solution like Printer, Cards, Ribbon and cleaning kit for Fargo printers. A Fargo Cleaning kit includes 4 PCS. Print head Cleaning Swabs,3 PCS. Alcohol Cards and 10 PCS. Cleaning Cards.

Steps for Cleaning Print head of FARGO DTC 1250E AND  FARGO DTC1000ME

  • Remove the ribbon cartridge
  • Open the print head cleaning swabs. Break it to moisten the tip.
  • Swab the tip back and forth across the top of the print head. Allow to dry thoroughly before sending a print job.

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