Barcode Bazar is authorized dealer for Fargo. We have all model of Fargo ID card printer like Fargo50, Fargo 1250e, Fargo DTC 1000Me,DTC 4500E and Fargo DTC4250e.These Fargo ID card printer are designed for various industries according to application, volume of printing cards, contend , protection and encoding. It’s important to know that which kind of ID card printer is useful for different industries for choosing best printer for your office. Lots of things varies like Price of printing, durability of card, single side or dual side printed card, Importance of card, volume of card required every day  etc. according to industries. For example a corporate need a durable card with encoding for attendance and it print 100 cards and a department shop need a simple low cost card without encoding and they print 100 card per week both of them need difference type of Fargo ID Card printer one side corporate company need high quality printer and no Metter of printing price and on other side department store  need a cheap printing  price.

Fargo50 Fargo DTC 1000Me Fargo 1250e DTC 4500E Fargo DTC4250e FargoHDP5000
Corporate ID Yes


Yes Yes Yes Yes




Sports clubs Yes


Yes Yes Yes
Health clubs Yes Yes Yes
Retail Loyalty Yes Yes Yes Yes
Casinos Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes


Transportation Yes Yes Yes Yes
School Yes Yes Yes Yes
Financial institute Yes Yes
Hospitals Yes Yes Yes Yes
Manufacturing Yes Yes Yes
Government Yes Yes Yes


Yes Yes Yes
Driving license Yes Yes
National ID Yes Yes


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